A Bit About Us

Welcome to our story. Welcome to the truth.

When politicians in Elk Grove, Ca began targeting the Hmong community for political power in June 2020, it caught the attention of several Hmong mothers in the area, including the larger Sacramento region.

Mothers, who were strangers to the world of politics and the corruption that lied within were stirred to action to protect and preserve the future of their young and the legacies of their elders. Together, these women formed Elk Grove Hmong Americans to bring awareness to the events transpiring in Elk Grove between elected officials and the Hmong community.

What EGHA uncovered in the process were countless trails of broken promises by their elected officials and a mainstream media who refused to give them an equal voice.

It was this collaborative onslaught that inspired these Hmong mothers to create a community-based organization - one that would tell the stories no one else is willing to tell - the stories of the forgotten, the overlooked, and the underrepresented.